Hire a Professional Rug Specialist!

Tile Cleaning

When it comes to Tile cleaning expertise, you do not need to stress as San Diego Rug specialists are always there to attend to your concerns.

Mattress Cleaning

There's no need to worry about changing your mattress! Have your mattress cleaned and disinfected within a few hours!.

Yacht Cleaning

Own a yacht but don’t know anyone who can clean it? Trust San Diego Rug Specialist to clean your yacht from experts!.

Carpet Cleaning

Can’t remove the stains off your carpet? We specialize in removing stains from carpets, upholstery, and mattresses!.

Cleaning Services

Are you too tired to clean the upholstery of the furniture in your home? You can trust San Diego Rug Specialist to not only clean and remove dust, but also disinfect the upholstery properly.

The tiles in the bathroom get dirty over time. What’s worse is the dirt and grime that collects in cracks and corners of the tiles. Call us now so you can have your tiles cleaned properly!

Did you know that the debris on a mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria that is harmful to your health? Have San Diego Rug Specialist, who can clean and dry the mattress in a matter of hours.

Tired of cleaning stains off from your carpet but still they wouldn’t go? With our services, you can finally have stain-free, dust-free, and bacteria-free carpets. Book an appointment today!.

Looking for cleaning professionals for yacht cleaning?
From cleaning the interior to the exterior, we do it all! We also remove rust from the hull and apply coat for less wear!

How we do it?



For deep-cleaning carpets, shampooing is the perfect method to not only remove dirt but also remove stains and odour!.


Dry foam

You can avoid using liquid detergent and products, instead, use dry foam to clean carpets, mattresses, and upholstery.


Bonnet (Dry Cleaning)

Want to remove stains, but want to avoid the headache of cleaning and drying? So dry cleaning is perfect for you!.


Dry Powder

Washing and drying takes a lot of time and can lead to mildew if not dried properly. Avoid this by using dry powder!.


Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction injects hot water and detergent to clean surfaces, especially carpets.


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning makes use of steam power to remove dirt from the surface of carpets, mattresses, and other surfaces.


Looking to deep-clean your house? Cleaning carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and tiles is a job best left to the experts that are adept at using machinery and offering services. With years of experience in providing quality cleaning services, San Diego Rug Specialist has earned themselves a name in the market for cleaning services. Moreover, they have been providing their services for quite some time now.

Our staff is skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. They are dedicated to the job at hand and will never let down a client. Our commitment to providing quality services never waivers. Adopting environment-friendly products and cleaning practices, it is safe to say that we are the best cleaning company within the area.

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We are cleaning the future since 1989.


San Diego Rug Specialist deals with cleaning areas of the house that a regular cleaning company wouldn’t do! We offer services for cleaning mattresses, tiles, carpets, and other areas of the house at an affordable cost. You can also have the interior and the exterior of your yacht cleaned.




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